FAQs About Cigars and Humidors

Want to keep your cigars fresh and maximize the use of your humidor? We’ve got the answers to your most common questions below.

Without a humidor, cigars can dry out quickly and become unappealing to smokers. This is because cigars require proper humidity levels to maintain their optimum taste and texture. Dried-out cigars can be hard to smoke, taste bitter and cause an unpleasant smoking experience.


Keeping your stock of cigars out in the open without a humidor can accelerate the rate at which they dry out, meaning you'll have to replace them more often. That means you'll lose out on potential sales and have additional costs associated with restocking.

Once a cigar's wrapper leaf starts disintegrating, there's no saving it. Cigars left out in the open to dry are beyond re-humidification. Your customers will notice the difference in the cigar's flavor and texture and will likely be unhappy with their experience.


That is why businesses are relying on humidors to keep their cigars fresh and flavorful. Humidors are explicitly designed to maintain humidity levels, ensuring customers have the best possible experience. With the right humidor, you can keep your cigars fresh and ready to smoke for a long time.

A humidor works by regulating the temperature and relative humidity levels with a combination of foam insulation, wood panels, and special gaskets. It also uses a humidifying element like a sponge or humidifier to keep the humidity level in check.


The tobacco leaves shrink and lose their aroma when cigars are stored somewhere with low humidity. When stored in an overly humid place, on the other hand, the leaves can grow mold and rot.


The best cigars have been adequately cared for with the right humidor. A proper humidor can keep cigars fresh and increase customer satisfaction.

When you place cigars in a humidor with properly controlled humidity and temperature levels, cigars can last for six months up to several years. With the proper upkeep, your cigars can keep their flavors for up to ten years inside a quality humidor.


That is entirely different when you store cigars in an environment with improper humidity and temperature levels. The cigars can become dry, brittle, and tasteless much faster, proving costly for your business.


A humidor is essential if you want the best experience for your customers. It will keep your cigars fresh and flavorful for a long time, ensuring your customers will return for more.

Our patented smart humidors utilize modern technology to make it easier than ever to keep your cigars fresh. Our humidor has automatic temperature and humidity control, ensuring your cigars are always in an optimal environment.


You don't have to check and adjust the humidor's settings manually. Each cigar is also individually sealed to preserve the flavors and aromas of your cigars. The humidor is compact and stylish, making it a great addition to your business.